Cathay Petroleum International was established in 2003 as an independent physical trading business.  For over 18 years, we have been sourcing crude oil from all over the world and delivering cargoes to satisfied consumers and customers whenever and wherever they need them.  We are an accomplished energy and commodities group that trades millions of barrels of oil a week.  Every day, our experienced team works together to add value to the international commodities market.  Our strong capital position and robust network of relationships has enabled us to grow from strength to strength and retain a record of profitability.

We sit mainly in Hong Kong and Singapore, the centre of the world’s busiest energy routes, allowing us to easily manage the flow of energy from West to East.  In 2021, Cathay is proud to expand our growing organisation by opening a new trading office in London, allowing our traders to work more efficiently covering all trading hours.



Our Values are at the heart of everything we do



Whether it is our relationship with our customers, or our day-to-day operations, we aim to achieve the highest standards in service and productivity.


We believe in the mutual benefit of both ourselves and our customers and value open communication and transparency.


We care about our work but also about how it impacts our environment and take steps to reduce our footprint where we can.