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Our Group and our people believe in responsibly relating to our society and environment.  It is who we are as people, core to our identities.  It is about doing the right thing always.  Over the last few years, we have implemented an employee-driven framework for social responsibility and are proud of how our impact on society has grown.

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We uphold the human rights and dignity not just of our employees, but also of the people in countries where we operate.  We aim to engage with communities and create value for people.  During the severe outbreak of the Covid pandemic in 2020, our organisation worked closely with people on the ground to ensure that masks, gloves, and face shields were being delivered to some of the most dire communities in the Middle East and North Africa.


We realise that society can benefit from our profit and we support developing communities who need our help.  We do this by regularly volunteering and skills-sharing.  Our people actively volunteer their time and expertise to meaningful causes that they care about and we as a company also organise staff volunteer events and donate to staff-nominated organisations.


We recognise that climate change is very real and are committed to observing environmental regulations in our operations.  We also educate our people in the impact they can have on an individual basis, and encourage them to pursue environmental protection and sustainability as much as they can.

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