Cathay Petroleum International Ltd. Cathay Petroleum International Ltd.

Our Responsibility

We are dedicated to continuously upholding our ethical standards
across our business activities, to be a better citizen of tomorrow.

Cathay Petroleum International Ltd.

Compliance Programmes

Corporate Governance

We know the importance of responsible business conduct and the impact it has on our business and the people we serve.

Within Cathay, we ensure adequate segregation of duties facilitating independent checks, reducing the risk of error, monitoring breach of limits and detecting fraud.

We encourage our people to collaborate and work together to make risk management and compliance an integral function of our company.

Due Diligence

Our compliance department sets rigorous benchmarks for conduct and regularly reviews business relationships with all new and existing counterparties.

In our commitment to support EU climate targets and the Paris Agreement, we select partners who also share the same commitment or adheres to strategic environmental guidelines.

We do not support trades with companies who are reportedly involved in the exploitation of human rights/slavery.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Processes

Our Code of Conduct

We believe that honesty, integrity and fair play are important company assets in business. Each of our employees are
expected to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct, policies and the law, regardless of role or seniority.

It is our policy to conduct our business in an honest and ethical manner reflecting the highest standards of
integrity and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations applicable to us.

Regular training and acknowledgement of risk and compliance Policies

Leadership enforcements on compliance to policies and procedures

Our People

With regular assessments of our ESG outlook, our dedicated team is able to determine activities that can effectively improve livelihoods for those in need around the world.

Our Communities

By ensuring involvement with community-based and non-governmental organisations, we can play a part in the socio-economic progress of communities in need.

  • We work with children and youth to make valuable contributions to their well-being. Our partnerships with charitable organisations like HCSA Dayspring involved creating opportunities for social support of children and families in need in Singapore.
  • We supply humanitarian aid through donations to emergencies that occur worldwide, or in regions experiencing political and socio-economic strife. In global crises like COVID-19, we responded by distributing N95 face masks and PPE materials to countries in the Middle East and Africa.


Our Environment

By understanding our impact on environmental risks, we are able to act on ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • All chartered vessels in our resource management undergo a stringent vetting procedure to ensure environmental pollution is prevented.
  • To develop a personal responsibility towards sustaining our physical environment, we encourage employees to actively participate in environmentally-conscious behaviours and activities such as beach clean-ups and biodiversity projects.