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Cathay is a recognised and constantly expanding player in the physical trade of crude oil and oil products.  We listen to our customers and what they want and aim to meet their needs while keeping costs competitive.  Our trading activities take us across the world, from Asia to the Americas, and we safely move physical commodities from where they are sought to where they are needed.  We have access to all the key grades of crude oil and source our barrels from all over the world.  We are also ideally located to identify the changing flows and market conditions.

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Through our trading offices, we utilise our specialised understanding of the crude oil and products supply chain to source and market millions of barrels each week.  We work with qualified brokers and are licensed participants on all major global futures exchanges to access liquidity and hedge our risk.  Our traders monitor the market around-the-clock to ensure that Cathay is well-positioned even in volatile environments.



We have an experienced operations and chartering team that works with our clients to offer them solutions for any of their logistics needs.  Our trade finance desk maintains our relationships and lines with first class international banks.  Customers know that they can rely on Cathay’s broad expertise to offer them bespoke logistics or finance support.



Cathay places a deep emphasis on looking at energy through a macroeconomic lens.  Our analysts are encouraged to challenge their thinking and react quickly to market-moving events.  They are empowered to speak up and provide actionable insights.  We also believe in sharing these insights with our customers to help them formulate their own business strategies.



Our Management works to ensure that all our practices and systems are in keeping with our compliance programme.  All employees at Cathay receive, and must adhere to, comprehensive ethics guidelines.  Our compliance department sets rigorous benchmarks for conduct and regularly reviews business relationships with all new and existing counterparties.  We encourage our people to collaborate and work together to make risk management and compliance an integral function of our company.

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